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We have a few questions about compost tea: If we apply the tea as a soil drench, is it necessary to use a sprayer? (We plan to apply it on an area of 3000 sq ft.). And even if we were to ask you to strain it, would we still need a nozzle that would handle larger particles that might end up in the sprayer? Do you have happen to have an estimate on how long it takes to apply 10 gallons/1000 sq ft?

You don't need to use a sprayer, you can apply with a water can.

If you spray you must ask us to strain it or strain it yourself.

Even if it is strained you still need a nozzle with a large opening because you don't want to slice the organisms. A Hudson type sprayer works well.

The particles in the tea are great to use if you can, they are loaded with life.

It goes fast, it is like watering. I have applied with a water can and by siphon from an elevated clean garbage can using a garden hose.

Remember the tea will stain due to the dark brown color. Don't spray on open or opening blossoms if you are concerned about staining and take care to not spray on hardscape surfaces, masonry walls and house siding. It does come off with a water rinse if you wash it down right away.

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