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Dr. Earth Organic 9 Fruit Tree 7-4-2
sku - DRCF25 

Dr. Earth's Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer was designed for today's gardeners who care not only for the environment in their own backyard, but also for that of the entire planet. Organic 9 was created to meet the highest standard of fertility needs for all citrus, avocado, fruit trees, fruit vines and berries. Dr. Earth fertilizer contains a unique blend of superior organic-based ingredients that actually invigorates and improves the biological life in your soil. Organic 9 does this by supplying Pro-Biotic beneficial soil microbes, plus ecto & endo mycorrhizae, which feed the fiber of the living soil by releasing natural organic matter. All you add is water and light.

Pre-Bagged $41.00 25 lbs
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