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Pebbles, Cobbles & Colored Gravel

Lodi Pebbles

3/8 inch Lodi Pebbles

sku - 38LODI 

A mixture of rounded and angular pebbles containing white, grey, blue, tan, brown and red colors. Commonly used for garden ground cover, pathways, planting beds, and as an exposed aggregate in concrete.


We sell these pebbles by the ton, or by the U-Sack. With the U-Sacks, one full bag weights 100 pounds, but you can fill them 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 full for easier carrying.


For larger areas you will want to purchase the Lodi by the ton. We can load your pickup truck or, for a fee, you can rent one of our dump trucks. We also deliver to your job site or home. If you need increments of 25 tons please call us for special pricing.

U-Sack $6.50
Ton $97.00
1.25  Ton per Cubic Yard
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