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Stone Benches

Stone benches are available in Connecticut Bluestone, Arizona Flagstone and various other types of stone.

Carved Stone Ornaments

Carved stone lanterns, water holders, and garden ornaments.

Ornamental Bridges, Doors & Structures

Redwood bridges for use outdoors over dry creek beds.  Doors to garden rooms

Stone Sculptures
Garden Art

Hand crafted garden art.

Basins & Water Features

Stone Basins & Water Features


Lyngso is proud to announce our new line of hand crafted pottery. These unique pottery pieces are crafted in various shapes, sizes, and glazes using ancient traditional wheel throwing techniques, kiln firing and hand glazing methods. The hand-craftsmanship brings about subtle imperfections and no two are alike. Lyngso’s exclusive relationship with these artisans makes it possible for our customers to acquire these beautiful one-of-a-kind potteries at an affordable value.