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Our trained staff can answer your questions. Please call us at 650 364-1730 or email us with your questons.

Truck Rental

We rent dump trucks for hauling our materials to your jobsite or your home. When you need our products right now, you can get them right now by renting one of our dump trucks. We load the material on the truck, you drive the truck home, dump the material off and bring the truck right back. You are only charged for the time you have the truck. You must be 21 years or older and have a valid California drivers license to rent our dump trucks. Our trucks are for hauling our materials only. You will also be required to show proof of auto insurance.


For orders of one ton or more we will deliver the products to your home or jobsite. To set up a delivery or for delivery information and fees please email us or call our office at 650 364-1730. We will be glad to answer any questions, and help you set up your order.

Forklift Delivery

We make deliveries with a forklift and in most cases can place boulders for you with our forklift. Please call our office for information and fees on forklift delivery and boulder placement.

Direct Loads

Most of our products are available in large quantities direct from the quarry. This is the most cost effective way of purchasing large quantites of our products. Please call us at 650 364-1730 for a price quote.