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Rock, Sand & Gravel

Concrete Mix
Concrete Mix is a blended mixture of sand and gravel used with cement to make ready mix concrete. The 3/4 inch Concrete Mix is used five parts to one of cement for pouring driveways, foundations, and sidewalks. The 3/8 inch Concrete Mix is used when filling block walls. Mix four parts 3/8 inch Concrete Mix to one part cement. The 3/8 inch Concrete Mix will not make as strong a ready mix concrete as the 3/4 inch concrete mix. Sometimes people prefer 3/8 inch concrete mix because the ready mix concrete is easier to finish.

3/4 inch Concrete Mix

sku - 34CM 
U-Sack $4.00
Ton $54.00
1.50  Ton per Cubic Yard
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