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Custom Service Options

custom soil mixes

Custom Soil Mixes

We specialize in custom soil mixes to meet your specifications. Whether it is adhering to city or county standards or a custom soil mix you put together yourself, we source the best organic ingredients to go in your custom soil mix. Our automated custom soil blending machine produces desired proportions to ensure quantity and quality of ingredients are monitored closely. We provide custom soil analysis upon request for an additional fee. For further information and inquiries, please call us directly at (650) 364 1730 or email us.

custom natural stone fabrication

Custom Natural Stone Fabrication

Many of our natural stone are available for custom fabrication per yourspecifications. We can fabricate custom stair treads, pool copings, wall caps, and other architectural elements. We also offer custom core drilling for boulders, custom stone benches, garden furniture, and water feature stones. For further information and inquiries, please, call us directly at (650) 364 1730 or email us.

custom shipping options

Custom Shipping Options

If we are unable to deliver our products to your area, we can arrange for a custom third party shipping for most of our products. Please call us directly (650) 364 1730 or email us.

Dump Truck Rentals

Dump Truck Rentals

When you need our products right away, you can get them right away by renting our dump trucks!

To Rent Our Dump Truck:

  1. Be 21 years or older
  2. Have a valid California driver’s license
  3. Show us a current proof of auto insurance

You can rent our dump trucks to haul our bulk materials to your home or to your jobsite. We load the material on the truck, you drive the truck to your location, dump the material off, and bring the truck right back. Our rental fees are prorated by the minute, meaning you are only charged for the time you use the truck. Our rental trucks are for hauling Lyngso materials only and to local cities only. Our rental trucks are meant to accommodate one material per trip and do not have dividers for multiple materials. There is a time limit of one hour per trip. For more information, please email us or call us at (650) 364 1730

Home or Job Site Delivery Options

Job Site Delivery of Landscape Materials

Dump Delivery

For orders of one ton/yard or more, we will deliver the materials to your home or to your jobsite! We can accommodate up to three different materials in one truck load depending on the type and quantity of the materials. To set up delivery or for further information please email us or call us at (650) 364-1730. We will be glad to answer any questions, and help you place your order for delivery.

Gardening Materials

Direct Load Delivery

Direct delivery is available from many of our sources. This is the most cost effective way of purchasing larger quantities of many of our products. Please contact us for details on delivery requirements and cost based on direct load quantities. For further information please email us or call us at (650) 364-1730.

Stone, pebbles and dirt

Flatbed/Forklift Delivery

We can deliver palletized materials on our flatbed truck and will use our forklift to unload at your site. This type of delivery is intended for materials such as boulders, flagstones, dimensional stones, fountains, pottery, statuary, and anything that needs to be delivered on a pallet. Please note that we are unable to place boulders but can recommend services that do. For more information, please email us or call us at (650) 364 1730.

Our trained staff can answer your questions.

Please call us at (650) 364-1730 or email us with your questons.