For questions related to our products visit community resources.

How do I place an online order?

As you browse the Lyngso product line you will notice some products can be added to an online order and some products can only be purchased at our store or over the phone.    Most of our products in Mulches, Compost & Soils category and in Sand, Gravel & Decorative Aggregates category can be set up for online delivery order or pick up at our store.   All other products can be ordered over the phone or at our San Carlos location.

How do I use the shopping cart?

As you browse the Lyngso product line you can add a product item to “Your Shopping Cart” by mouse clicking the “add to shopping list” icon under the product price information. This will add the item to “Your Shopping Cart”. When you add an item the initial quantity will be 1. At any point you can change the quantity of the item(s) in your shopping list by over typing the item amount and pressing the “Update Shopping Cart” button. This will apply the new quantity to the shopping list.

How do I navigate through your site?

The Lyngso web site banner directs you to Products, Services, Community Resources, Display Garden, FAQ, Contact Us and under the video you will find our site location map which is helpful for first time visitors.

Our Product page is arranged around eight product groups: Mulches, Composts & Soils; Stone; Water Features; Building Materials & Tools; Fertilizers & Amendments; Sand, Gravel & Decorative Aggregates; Pottery & Garden Ornaments; Precast Concrete Products.  By clicking on the product group image, you will be taken to a page that breaks the product group down into categories, click on the image of the category or click on the left sidebar to get to the individual product families, click on the family image to get to the description and pricing for the individual products within a family. The banner on the left side navigates you to the groups and the categories within each group.

How do I access and use the product calculator?

Once you select the bulk quantity of the product, either yards or tons, the calculator icon will appear up under the text. Click on this icon to input your width, length and depth of the dimensions you wish to calculate. Press the “Calculate” button. The answer will appear in the “Yard” (cubic yards) field. The conversion factor is indicated between the “yards” answer and the “tons” field. The number in the “tons” field is the result of multiplying the number of yards times the conversion factor. Press the “Update Quantity” button and the Calculator window closes and the number of tons needed for your dimensions appears in the selected product amount field on your shopping list