Sustainability Statement

Lyngso incorporates sustainability into everything we do, from the landscape products we stock to the gardening and landscaping practices our employee-owners teach the community.

Green Icon

Lyngso is a Certified Green Business Innovator

Lyngso focuses on both structural and behavioral measures that benefit our environment as well as measures that focus on community leadership and implementing cutting edge policies and practices. Experience our commitment to sustainability in business and in gardening.

Since becoming a green business, we’ve saved:

63,311 lbs of CO2

Greenhouse Gas
Emissions Saved

115,302 kWh

Electricity Saved

132 Gallons of Fuel

Fuel Saved

1,314,198 Gallons
of Water

Water Saved

7 Gallons of
Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Reduced

59 Therms of
Natural Gas

Therms Saved

Visit our display garden which is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat

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