Sustainability Statement

Lyngso incorporates sustainability into everything we do, from the landscape products we stock to the gardening and landscaping practices our employee-owners teach the community.

Lyngso is a Green Business.
Experience our commitment to sustainability in business and in gardening.
Every day we:

Conserve Water

with native, drought-tolerant plants and water-conserving irrigation systems.

Reduce Waste

with vigorous and consistent recycling and composting. We divert 85% of waste from the landfill.

Reduce Emissions

as we partner with local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint. Use green transportation, solar energy and natural lighting where possible.

Protect from Toxins

and only use products approved by the CA Green Business Program.

Nurture Community

We teach sustainable gardening to the community and promote environmental awareness to our staff. Join a webinar or visit a class to get involved.

Visit our display garden which is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat

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