Our Story

Lyngso was founded in the early 1950’s by John and Mary Lyngso. We’re still a family-run business, but today we’re also employee-owned. Many of the folks you’ll meet here have been with us for over 20 years. All of us are passionate about gardening and helping you make the world a more beautiful place.


Lyngso has evolved into a leader in organic gardening.

The environment is important to us so the products we carry and recommend are sustainable and many are organic.  Lyngso is a certified Green Business: we are supported by 100% renewable clean energy and we strive to offset our carbon emissions.

In fact, we’ve become renowned for carrying a unique line of organic soil improvements, ranging from locally brewed actively aerated compost tea to special composts, humus, soil mixes, and mulches. Many of our team members have undergone training in soil biology and are eager to pass on their knowledge.


One of the Bay Area’s biggest resources in landscaping.

Whether materials or information, we can help you with any project, whether you’re a contractor working on large landscaping project, or a homeowner looking into organic gardening, raised garden beds and healthy soil biology. Our site San Carlos contains everything from sands, pebbles and boulders to tools and soil mixes.

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