Hardscape Ideas for Hilly, Sloped Yards

Interesting Hardscape Ideas for Hilly Yards

A sloped garden is challenging, but you can make it attractive and easy to maintain with creative hardscaping. With an innovative design, high quality decorative stone, water features and retaining walls, you can create a stunning landscape that requires minimal maintenance. The experienced team at Lyngso offers unique hardscape ideas for Bay Area homes with hilly yards.


3 Ways to Make your Sloped Garden Stand Out

  • Deck it out: One of the easiest ways to deal with a sloping yard is to rise above it. Constructing a wooden deck allows for a seamless expansion of your living space outdoors. Surround it with planting areas or place your favorite plants in pots along the perimeter.


Now you can have a garden at the same level as your house! Relax with your loved ones and entertain outdoors throughout the year. If your deck is a considerable height above the ground, the space underneath can become a play area for your kids.


  • Create a visual spectacle with stone-tiered gardens: Installing large stone steps and ledges gives you valuable flat space to show off your green thumb. With smart planning and the right decorative aggregates, you can create a visual paradise that will be the envy of your guests. Remember that each level will need a retaining wall to secure it in place. How big the terraces can be will depend on the size and slope of your yard.


Consult your local garden supply store about which plants will be appropriate for these growing conditions. One of the biggest benefits of tiered gardens is that you can have separate spaces for reading or lounging and entertaining. Each terrace can have a different theme and feel. Add built-in stone benches so that you can sit and enjoy your beautiful landscape.


  • Step into nature: If you are not keen on installing a deck or multiple tiers, you have another option. Create an eye-catching stone stairway to your oasis below with sturdy metal railings for safety. You can build a banked wall of decorative stone or gravel and plants to adorn the sloping sides. Small steps will give you access for trimming and weeding. You can enjoy a beautiful view from the top and bottom.



Buy Quality Garden Materials at Lyngso

With the right design and materials, you can turn a hilly yard into an artistic, functional space to enjoy with family and friends for years to come. At Lyngso, we provide a range of quality products, tools and services to meet the diverse needs of homeowners and landscaping contractors. From organic fertilizers, soil mixes, compost and mulch, to decorative rock, aggregates and water features, you will find a variety of gardening supplies at competitive prices.


For more than 60 years, customers in Los Altos, Mountain View, Foster City, Palo Alto, San Bruno, Sunnyvale and South San Francisco, CA have relied on us for their landscaping needs. Find quality landscaping materials and consult our team for artistic hardscape ideas for hilly properties. You can also view our online display garden for inspiration.


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