6 Inspiring Ways to Add a Water Feature into Your Hardscape

Incorporating water features, such as columns, basins and fountains into your yard’s design is a wonderful way to add fluidity and a soft juxtaposition to some of the, well, more rigid lines created in hardscaping. Water can add movement and life to the non-living features in your yard by balancing the display of rocks, retaining walls, pathways, fire-pits, and other more structured components. To many homeowners it helps turn their outdoor space into something that feels energizing, rejuvenating, and inviting for all.

Whether you are looking to improve your home’s curb appeal or simply seeking some tranquility that you can enjoy while lounging on your patio or deck, we have 6 noteworthy ideas on how to incorporate a water feature into your California landscaping/hardscaping design. Continue reading to learn more.

#1 Incorporate Drilled Basalt Columns For Sensory Input

Once you’ve chosen to add water to your aesthetic, we highly suggest you maximize its visual and auditory benefits: enter Basalt. Basalt columns are elegant in appearance and an easy way to amplify the soothing sounds of streams or the gentle waves of the ocean. Their leaner and columnar shape makes them easier to install than cast iron or granite fountains, and you can utilize multiple Basalt columns in graduating sizes as a way to play with lines and structure for a more desirable appearance.

#2 Add a Custom Pottery Urn Into a Recirculating Pond

Pottery is a tried and true addition to any design-scape because of its versatility in form and function. Exercise a considerable amount of creativity when selecting your featured piece by opting for a splash of color and/or seeking out local artists to customize your big picture with a design that personally speaks to you. In addition, rest assured knowing that by selecting to use a pottery urn within a recirculating pond you are using less water in a system that requires less maintenance than a traditional pond. In our opinion that is a win-win.

#3 Install an Aesthetic and Functional Dry Creek Bed

A properly constructed Dry Creek Bed can be a decorative element to your garden that captures rainwater to recharge the aquifer. Dry creek beds, also known as dry stream beds, serve functionally and in form as they can assist with drainage to reduce runoff and prevent erosion by capturing water to be stored in underground aquifers. Although California is experiencing a dry summer, Dry Creek Beds are still an eye-catching way to utilize stones and pebbles within your yard to sustainably preserve water. Install one now and benefit from it today, tomorrow, and the next regardless of weather conditions.

#4 Utilize Bird Baths For a Vivacious Atmosphere

Water features are a wonderful way to add the relaxing sounds of nature to your home and outdoor spaces. Go even further with your soundscape and consider inviting some of earth’s favorite little singers into your sanctuary: birds! Bird baths, like the Columbia River Bird Baths, are a simple and affordable way to accent your yard or deck with a colorful, sculptural piece that attracts feathered friends. Nothing invokes the bliss of being out in nature more than the sound of moving water and warbling birds!

#5 Use Padang Bowls for Multiple Purposes

Padang Bowls, like the Padang Ribochi Bowl, can be used as birdbaths or as a stand alone statement piece in your landscape. Combine different sizes and colors to add dimension and structure to your favorite water feature.

#6 Create an Area of Pure Zen with a Labyrinth Swirl Fountain

For those of you who are particularly attuned to sound, gently swirling water has the ability to create tranquility and serenity so that you can automatically relax within your space. The Labyrinth Swirl Fountain, made from basalt and available in two sizes, is a hardscaper’s go-to for understated beauty, structural integrity, and subtle sound curation. It has the ability to turn your home and outdoor space into an escape for you, your family and friends so that everyone can enjoy the zen-like benefits of a babbling brook.

Garden and Landscaping Supplies in California

Adding water features to your hardscape might seem daunting at first, however at Lyngso we make it easy and convenient for you to turn your California dream home into a reality. You can easily browse our store in person or online for the pumps, lights, plumbing, installation parts, and water treatments needed for a water feature of your choice. Our experienced personnel are always happy to offer their assistance in selecting materials, eco-friendly solutions, and/or solar-powered options.

If you have any landscaping or hardscaping questions, especially those related to water features, feel free to contact us so that we can help turn your next project into a success.