As California’s population and temperatures continue to grow, so does the likelihood of community destroying wildfires. The 10 most costly wildfires in U.S. history have all occurred in California—and the top 5 within the last two years. Join Douglas Kent, author of Firescaping, as he highlights the essential qualities of a protected property. Kent will be focusing on emergency access, structures, defensible space, and the role of plants in fire protection.

Douglas Kent is the author of the best selling book on property protection in the U.S. (Firescaping), He has been working to create fire-protected communities since 1993, has worked with high-risk communities throughout the state, and has been on the frontlines of many wildfires. He is also author of 6 other horticultural books, over 50 articles, and has worked on hundreds of landscape projects. Kent has taught land management courses at California Polytechnic University, Pomona, since 2008.