Actively Aerated Compost Tea [AACT]

Compost Tea is a liquid concentrate containing all the beneficial microbial components that compost is famous for. These living beneficial microbes are the biology that drives the soil food web in a healthy functioning soil. The soil food web is responsible for:

  1. Nutrient cycling break-down and reuse of organic sources of plant nutrition, and their holding capacity in the soil.
  2. Improved soil structure – through the formation of soil aggregates.
  3. Increased porosity – resulting in better aeration and water retention.
  4. The degradation of soil pollutants and pH buffering.

Inorganic (chemical) fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and mechanical compaction damage these beneficial soil microbes and reduce or delete the benefits of a healthy soil food web. This breakdown of microbial functioning can be the cause of poor plant growth and color, low resistance to garden pests and pathogens and decreased fruit and vegetable production. Without the re-introduction of the beneficial microbes found in well-made compost, garden maintenance becomes a dependent cycle of chemical inputs and controls, spreading pesticide pollution by air and leaching through the soil to pollute our ground water, creeks and bay waters.

The tea made here at Lyngso Garden Materials, Inc is specifically called Actively Aerated Compost Tea in reference to the careful brewing process that maintains oxygen levels necessary for aerobic functioning. AACT is composed of living biology and is therefore very sensitive to heat, sunlight and oxygen loss and should be protected until applied; no more than a few hours at the most, from purchase. If you detect “bad” or rotten smells, do not use the tea, as the biology has been damaged and will contain harmful by-products of anaerobic reproduction.

AACT can be used full strength or diluted up to 1:4. If chloramine-treated city water is used for dilution the water must be pre-treated using Amquel or another aquarium product that breaks down the chloramine. Another treatment to neutralize the chloramine is by mixing a small amount of liquid humates into the city water before putting the AACT in. Application can be made manually with a watering can to the soil. Rinse out the container and let it air dry.

It is important to provide food for the biology if you use AACT as a soil drench. A liquid fertilizer such as Native Nutrients Fish Hydrolysate or Native Nutrients Kelp may be added to the AACT before applying. A 1” layer of compost and mulch will provide additional food for the organisms.

Tea brewing & compost production are under the direction of Alane Weber, Certified Advisor for the Soil Foodweb, Inc ( and are regularly tested for microbial health and diversity. Test results are available upon request.

  • Actively Aerated Compost Tea is not for human or animal consumption.
  • Do not apply Actively Aerated Compost Tea directly onto food crops.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after applying AACT.



$8.00 per gallon (for less than 18 gallons)

$6.00 per gallon (for 18 gallons or more)

1-gallon and 2½-gallon reusable containers are available for purchase:

$3.00 for 1-gallon containers

$8.00 for 2 ½-gallon containers


Compost Tea is available on a first come first serve basis. To ensure we have the quantity you need, we suggest placing large quantity orders ahead of time.