Healthy Soil Healthy Food Healthy Plants Healthy Plants Healthy Guts

The connection between man and plant doesn’t stop after we amend or fertilize or tend our gardens. That is only the beginning…

What we feed our soil and plants is not only important in terms of plant and ecological health but for gardeners growing food, it is everything! It is the most critical element of gardening.

The awareness of the biological link between soil health and gut health through the food that we grow and eat is just beginning to be addressed. If we are to grow healthy, true organic food then we must feed the soil with the same critical eye that we use when we try to change our health through diet.

This class is the first class of its kind. Please join Randy Ritchie, organic farmer, gardener, landscaper, composter, and founder of Malibu Compost for this fun and informative look at the bond between soil and health.