The Seven Best Natural Stones Ideal For Your Next California Hardscape Project

Spring has arrived, the temperatures are starting to warm up, and many homeowners are ready to start their landscaping projects ahead of the summer season. With the potential for droughts in California, we think it’s wise to consider replacing traditional green, manicured lawns with more sustainable and functional hardscape features.

Hardscapes have a variety of benefits, including visual appeal, durability and versatility, low maintenance care, decreased costs, and permeability for stormwater runoff.

Ultimately, they can last a lifetime when cared for properly and reduce your ecological footprint as compared to asphalt or pavement. So when it comes to investing in the value of your home, we think hardscapes are a no-brainer.

If you’re looking to transform your back or front yard with natural stones, consider hardscapes as a focal point for your landscape design ideas in 2022. From flagstones, veneer panels and cubes to cobbles, pebbles and pathfines, read on to learn more about the seven types of natural stones you should incorporate into your next California hardscape project.

Dimensional Stone

Dimensional Stones are cut stones with rectilinear edges, making their installation relatively easy. You can get creative with your desired pattern using various sizes. These dimensional stones create stunning visual appeal in outdoor areas for walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and walls from rock and slate to limestone and basalt.

For example, Arizona Sandstone Snap Cut Pavers or Autumn Slate Sawn Cut Pavers have rusty colors that bring a cozy element next to a fire, especially in the middle of Fall. Midnight Black Slate or Luna Grey Rock create a nice contrast in color with vibrant green, natural outdoor elements.


Flagstones are sedimentary rock broken up into layers. All sedimentary rock forms by strong pressure and heat over time, making flagstone extremely strong and durable. Most flagstones are heavy and thick enough that they don’t require cement to remain stable where you lay it. They are a fan favorite for those wanting a rustic versus uniform look.

Did you know flagstones are slip-resistant, so they’re the perfect material for swimming pools or hot tub decks, where family and friends regularly run barefoot? Flagstone also looks excellent in pathways and walkways.

Additionally, you can get creative with stepping stones, staircases, or garden edging. Try out random patterns and contrasting flagstone colors for an eye-catching appearance.

Drystack and Wall Rock

Drystack and wall rock are perfect for retaining walls, accent walls, exterior siding, and landscape borders. Drystack involves a building method by which structures are constructed without any mortar or cement to bind them together, thus the name “drystack”.

If you’ve ever wanted a rustic look reminiscent of 18th-century Europe, consider a drystack stone or wall rock project for your landscape design.

Driveway Cubes and Cobbles

Cubes and cobbles are another unique way to create the look of an old-world charmed driveway or walkway. Considering this durable stone lasts for centuries to come, it is a wise investment that we know you won’t regret.

From granite to limestone, you have a variety of materials to choose from to match the aesthetics in your yard. Additional uses of cubes and cobbles include edging and accents. Cobbles are a timeless addition to your landscape.


Pathfines are crushed or decomposed granite used for pathways and parking areas, dog runs, and utility yards. Pathfines are laid between flagstones and pavers, are semi-permeable, low-maintenance, and suitable for weed prevention in your walkways or pathways. For areas where less stability is desired, like a walking or running trail, pathfines are a great option.

Premium Pebbles

Premium pebbles are versatile materials to add stunning accents to indoor and outdoor landscaping, water features, and decorative landscape projects such as zen gardens, potted plants, or at the base of trees or shrubs. Pebbles are also a great way to decorate drains or grates while maintaining drainage from stormwater runoff.

Our pebbles are collected from the natural environment, such as the Black La Paz Pebbles from the shores of Mexico. These natural beach pebbles are one of a kind, sculpted by oceanic currents. Smooth with natural matte hues or contrasting colors and shapes, our premium pebbles will make a statement in your landscape design.

Veneer Panels

Natural stone veneer panels are popular for outdoor landscaping projects such as dividing walls, planters, home cladding, or concealing unsightly pillars. The ultimate indoor/outdoor living environment is a desirable way of life.

Hardscapes such as veneer panels are the perfect addition to this project because they are all-purpose, weather-friendly, and durable. They create splashes of color and add a natural element to any indoor/outdoor living space.

From quartzite and limestone to slate, here at Lyngso, we have various options to help you build veneer panels as a breathtaking focal point of your outdoor living space and a wise investment in your property’s value.

Whether you’re looking to add natural stones to your next walkway, driveway, accent wall, or patio project, It is best to consult with one of our experts for a smooth and precise installation.

Our landscape and hardscape experts are at the heart of our business. Based in San Carlos, we are a family-run and employee-owned business working for over 50 years as a resource for our community.

We offer materials and expertise to educate and satisfy our clientele. Please contact us if you have further questions about your landscaping and hardscape needs.