Choosing the Right Flagstone for Your Californian Backyard Patio

Flagstone is a classic choice for a backyard patio. Not only it’s a natural material with a beautiful aesthetic, but it’s also durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the natural variation between the slabs creates a unique aesthetic that can be as contemporary as traditional. With the right materials and approach, you can create a visual aesthetic that fits your style and transform your backyard into an inviting space for relaxation or accommodating guests.

However, at Lyngso, we understand that for many homeowners, building a backyard flagstone patio is one of the most significant investments in the hardscaping of their garden. With so many types of flagstones to choose from, we want to help you make the right choice and lay a flagstone backyard patio that you can enjoy for years to come.

What Is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a flat, natural stone commonly used in gardening and landscaping for pathways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. In gardening, flagstones serve as functional and visually pleasing elements, providing stable walkways or areas for seating amidst plants and flowers. Their varied colors and textures can complement garden design, offering a practical and decorative aspect to outdoor spaces.

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What Are the Different Types of Flagstones?

There are several different flagstone options to consider for your backyard patio, each with its unique properties and characteristics. Here are a few popular choices, all of which you can find at Lyngso:


Bluestone is a dense and durable stone, typically found in shades of blue to green. It is popular for its non-slip surface and can be used in both modern and traditional patio designs. One such example is the Connecticut Bluestone, a classic East Coast paving stone that’s been used for centuries, dating back to the 1800s. The Connecticut Bluestone is a denser sandstone with consistent blue-grey colors that has been tested through the times.


Limestone is a flagstone with a wide variety of colors and textures. It’s also known for its durability and resistance to weathering, making it a versatile and popular option for patios. One of our favorite limestones is the striking Salem Gold Flagstone, a beautiful flagstone with a unique goldfish tan.


Known for its warm tones and textured surface, sandstone adds a natural, earthy charm to any patio design. It is commonly available in red, blue, and brownish-yellow colors. One of the sandstones we stock here at Lyngso is the Fossilite Pavers, a truly unique natural stone. It’s a buff/beige-colored sandstone with brown swirls and black fossil-like inclusions, with a rock-faced edge. These fractal-like fossils are the natural work of the manganese oxide dendrites, which give the Fossilite Pavers their unique markings and striking aesthetic.


Slate is a type of flat, thin, and fine-grained metamorphic rock commonly used for outdoor hardscaping. It is known for its smooth texture, rich color variations, and natural cleft surface that adds a rustic yet elegant look to patios. One such stone is the Autumn Slate Flagstone, a standup select-grade flagstone available in large sheets of random shapes. It is a charcoal gray base stone with tan and bronze rusts. Due to the natural cleft, this natural paving stone spalls, meaning the top layer of the stone peels off with wear. Autumn Slate Flagstone is highly durable and less porous than Sandstone or Limestone, making it well-suited for uncovered patios.

How to Choose the Right Type of Flagstone for Your Backyard Patio Project

Each type of flagstone has advantages and disadvantages, so it is crucial to research and choose the one that best fits your specific needs, design preferences, and budget. Also, remember that the type of flagstone you choose for your backyard patio can influence the overall installation process and the laying of the stones. Therefore, this choice can significantly impact the overall outcome of your patio project.

For hands-on instructions on laying a flagstone patio in your backyard, you can watch our video guide and read our blog article about DIY natural stone patios for recommendations on hardscaping materials and links to safety equipment.

What Is the Difference Between Porous and Non-porous Flagstone?

Porous flagstone refers to natural stones like sandstone or limestone with small pores or tiny sponge-like openings throughout the material, allowing water to be absorbed. In a backyard patio context, this can create a non-slip surface with a more natural and rustic look but may require additional sealing and maintenance to prevent staining or damage from moisture.

On the other hand, non-porous flagstone includes materials like granite or slate, which have a smoother, less absorbent surface. This type of material can be slick when wet but is often easier to clean and maintain. These properties make non-porous flagstones a popular choice for backyard patios where spillage or moisture exposure is common.

Choosing a Flagstone for a Covered vs. Non-covered Patio

In California, selecting the right flagstone for your patio depends on whether it’s covered or uncovered. For protected areas, you can choose flagstone types and colors more flexibly. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, keeping the patio cooler, which can be a relief on hot summer days. Moreover, if you choose porous flagstones, you don’t have to worry much about water or dirt absorption since the patio cover will provide some protection. However, lighter colors may show stains more prominently and require more frequent cleaning or sealing.

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In contrast, darker flagstone colors absorb more heat, making the patio warmer, which can be desirable on cooler evenings. Darker flagstones also hide stains better and require less maintenance, making them a practical choice if you’re looking for a low-upkeep flagstone. Ultimately, the flagstone choice for your Californian backyard patio should align with your preferences and how you intend to use the patio while balancing your aesthetic with the desired functionality.

Final Thoughts

Flagstone is a fantastic natural material for a backyard patio, not only for its properties but also for its variety that allows you to create a truly singular outdoor space for your family and guests. With a wide range of flagstone options, tools, and materials for your backyard patio project, Lyngso has everything you need to build a stunning, eco-friendly patio that suits your style and budget. Visit our large showroom and landscaping yard in San Carlos for inspiration and guidance, and contact us today to learn about delivery options for your SF Bay area home.