Ideas Featuring Flagstone

Get Creative with Landscape Designs Featuring Flagstone

If a landscape makeover is in the cards, consider some ideas using flagstone. It is one of the most popular paving materials and a beautiful addition to any landscape. The irregular shapes, slightly rough texture (which gives good traction) and minimal maintenance are part of the appeal. The experienced team at Lyngso offers a few creative flagstone paving ideas to make your Bay Area home stand out.


Tips to Select Flagstone Pavers for Your Patio, Pathway or Garden Wall

As with any landscaping project, the final outcome depends on the design and the materials you select. There are many choices to make before installing flagstone pavers as flooring, stepping stones or a decorative garden wall. For example, do you want irregular shapes or uniformly-cut stone? Which color and pattern will complement or accentuate your landscaping? Here are some tips to help you decide. 

  • Flagstone stairs and stepping stones: An irregular patchwork of stones, rubble and boulders is ideal for a natural look. The myriad colors and shapes create a unique pattern. If you prefer uniformity, choose milled stone. The straight edges also make it easier to install. You can use contrasting colors to create your own pattern or as a border. Lighter shades have a more cheerful and open feel. While thick stepping stones can simply be laid directly in the soil, thin ones require a concrete or mortar bed to prevent cracking. An increasingly popular design trend is to include gravel, pebbles or other decorative aggregates in between stepping stones, rather than grass.
  • Flagstone patio flooring: Earthy shades of reds, browns, blues and grays make a flagstone patio appealing and warm. Choose flat slabs that will provide an even surface for your furniture. Large or oversized stones are more stable than smaller pieces and look grand. For a more formal appearance, select cut stones in two or three colors and set them in a repetitive pattern. If casual is your style, irregular stones are a better choice. Fill gaps with mortar, small stones or groundcover. Growing plants in the gaps can help to soften the overall look.
  • Flagstone walls: Although this is not a traditional choice, flagstone walls add character to your garden. You can either dry stack the slabs or use mortar to hold them together. Think out of the box and create a curved flagstone wall around your water features or seating area. A wall of different shapes and sizes adds stylish visual interest and can also hold your plants and flower pots.


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