Practice Organic Landscaping with Proven Techniques and the Best Materials

Are you thinking about sustainable gardening? Going ‘organic’ has numerous benefits for the environment as well as us humans. It is safe for soil ecology, reduces water pollution without harm to people and pets. On top of promoting a healthier environment, organic landscaping can also help you save more. To help you get started, our experienced team at Lyngso has outlined some effective organic landscaping techniques for your home.

Tips for a Vibrant Organic Garden

  • Choose native plants: Planting species that thrive in local growing conditions will help reduce water use without sacrificing curb appeal.
  • Rethink your lawn: Consider alternatives that do not require as much water or maintenance. Explore organic evergreen drought-tolerant ground cover options such as coyote bush and junipers. Try wild lilac if you want to add some color. Many Bay Area homeowners are replacing lawns with a ‘dry yard’. A combination of decorative aggregates and colorful succulents can put an end to your turf wars.
  • Avoid chemicals: Eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides helps protect water sources. It is also beneficial for wildlife and pollinators such as bees and tiny birds. Choose organic nutrients for your soil but test it first to determine what supplements are required. At Lyngso, we offer custom soil mixes and compost made to your specifications.
  • Mulch: This keeps in the moisture and helps prevent weeds. Without mulch, you will find yourself spending more time and money on watering and pulling weeds.
  • Reduce waste: Reusing garden waste can save you time and money. Earthworms turn grass clippings into organic food for your lawn. You can also shred fallen leaves and spread them on your vegetable patch, herb garden and flower beds.

Purchase Quality Landscaping Materials at Lyngso Garden Materials

Sustainable landscapes are gentle on the eco system and less work for you. At Lyngso, we offer quality products, tools and services to meet the needs of homeowners and landscaping contractors. From organic fertilizers, compost and mulch, to decorative rocks, aggregates and water features, we have a variety of materials to help you maintain an attractive and healthy organic garden.

For more than 60 years, customers throughout the Bay Area including Los Altos, Mountain View, Foster City, Palo Alto, San Bruno, Sunnyvale and South San Francisco, CA, have relied on us for their landscaping needs. Shop for quality organic landscaping materials at great prices and talk to our team for more ideas on how to grow more, save more, organically.


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