Choose the Right Materials to Build a Pond or Water Feature

Expert Tips to Aquascape Your Yard

Thinking of building a pond or another water feature in your yard? Whether you want a koi pond, an ornamental pool, a fountain, or a mini waterfall, choosing the right materials will go a long way in ensuring quality construction that is also easy to maintain. The experts at Lyngso Garden Materials share these simple, effective ideas for aquascaping your yard.

Top 3 Water Features that Add Instant Beauty to Your Yard

Building or installing a water feature is an easy and cost-effective way to create a stunning yard. The mesmerizing sight of fish in the pond, or the soothing sound of water gently trickling down a sculpture or wall will:

  • Make your outdoor space more relaxing
  • Enhance the overall beauty and appeal of your landscape
  • Increase the value of your home

Here are the top three, easy-to-install water features for your backyard:

  1. Water gardens or koi ponds: From floating gardens that feature waterlilies and lotuses, to ponds filled with vibrant koi fish, a small body of water can completely transform your landscape. Our experts can give you specific tips for:
  2. Waterwalls: Usually seen in hotel lobbies or exotic vacation resorts, a waterwall could be a unique and elegant addition to your home’s exterior. You can build one right beside your patio deck, as a backdrop to your outdoor kitchen, or even an enhancement to your swimming pool. No matter what location you decide, the waterwall is sure to become a conversation starter or focal point of your landscape. We can help you select:
    • The right construction materials for building the wall
    • Textural elements, such as tiles, stones, or pebbles to alter the sound of the water
    • A filtration system that prevents mineral build up
    • LED lights to create spectacular visual effects
  3. Fountains: Grand or delicate, modern or elaborate, you have a world of possibilities while installing a fountain in your yard. You can look at ways to incorporate a ready-made sculpture, or create your own unique design using natural stones, such as basalt or granite. With the right pump, plumbing accessories and installation tools, you can build a timeless feature that amps up the cool quotient of your home!

Buy Quality Materials and Supplies for Your Pond or Water Feature

At Lyngso Garden Materials, we cater to a wide range of water feature requirements. From natural stone columns and fountain tops, to a variety of liners, basins, and pumps, find everything you need to build any type of water feature in your yard. We also stock an extensive selection of plumbing, lighting, and water filtration accessories, and other relevant building tools and materials. You are welcome to visit our store and browse through an exclusive line of pottery, statues, and garden ornaments that will make attractive additions to your landscape.

For over 60 years, we have been providing quality garden supplies and landscaping materials to customers across the San Francisco Bay Area.

For any queries about building a pond or water feature in your yard, reach out to the experts at Lyngso Garden Materials in San Carlos, CA. Call us at 650-364-1730 or visit our store.