Secrets to Successful Succulent Landscaping

Learn the secrets to a successful, healthy and colorful succulent landscape from Janice Moody, a local Master Gardener, nursery owner and garden designer. She will discuss what’s most important to consider before you go out and buy a truckload of plants and then ponder where to put them. She will also provide garden design basics that include the use of color, shapes, textures and heights. She’ll also be sharing with us her favorite hardy landscape succulents best suited for the Bay Area and how to care and maintain for your succulents to have a year-long healthy and colorful landscape.

Janice’s horticultural roots run deep—she grew up on a nursery that her family started in Half Moon Bay in the early 60’s (McCahon Nursery). Although she majored in Dietetics at UC Davis, her inner passion for gardening never waned and after wearing many hats over the years, including dietitian, office manager, a kitchen & bath designer, and a mother of 3. She finally found her true calling in life when she became a UC Master Gardener in 2010 and eventually started Seascapes Succulent Nursery and Garden Design in 2016. She calls herself a jack of many trades, but a Master of only one—gardening. She feels so fortunate to be able to work outdoors, doing what she loves most, and sharing her gardening knowledge with others.