Vermicomposting: Troubleshooting Workshop

Calling all vermicomposters aka worm composters! Submit your worm bin questions, photos and videos and UCCE Master Gardeners will answer your questions in this 2-hour workshop.

This workshop will include:

  • Short review of vermicomposting concepts
  • Answers to your questions (submitted by Wed., October 5th)
  • Live Q&A

Do you have questions about what you can feed your worms? Do you wonder why there are so many tiny white bugs in your bin? Is the bin smelly? Does your bin have white worms?

Submit your questions by email to by October 5th. Include photos and pertinent details. After October 5th, just bring your questions to the workshop and we’ll address them then.

Who should attend: This is a class for people who are currently vermicomposting and have questions or challenges. Beginners are welcome, just be aware that this is not an introductory how-to class.

Presenter Master Gardener: Nancy Kruberg
Nancy Kruberg is a Master Gardener and a Master Composter. She has studied soils and composting as part of the Master Gardeners’ Soil Specialists group and with Dr. Elaine Ingham. At home, she composts yard trimmings, animal manures and kitchen scraps with both hot and cold backyard piles as well as worm bins.

Presenter Master Gardener: Kelly Torikai
Kelly Torikai is a Master Gardener and Master Composter. She is part of the Master Gardeners’ Soil Specialists group and teaches soil, composting and other sustainable gardening classes. At home, she maintains a cold backyard pile and several worm bins.