What Went Wrong in My Summer Veggie Garden and How to Fix it for Next Year

Gardening can be fickle and full of learning opportunities. Things go wrong even for experienced gardeners. Zucchini plants produce no fruit. Tomatoes have rotten bottoms. Powdery mildew shows up everywhere. The list goes on and on.

Join Master Gardener Jonathan Propp as we share “What Went Wrong in my Summer Vegetable Garden.” We will share examples gathered from you, try to diagnose them, and see what we can learn from them. This will be a fun and interactive class.

If something went wrong in your summer garden and you’d like to share it, submit a photo and a brief explanation HERE: mgsmsfpubliced@gmail.com. We can’t guarantee we’ll get to every problem, but we’ll try!

Presenter: Jonathan Propp
Biography: Jonathan has been a master gardener since 2008. He lectures frequently on growing organic fruits and vegetables in the home garden.