What is Hardscaping and Its Benefits?

Hardscapes are essentially landscape architecture using natural and manufactured elements to design a breathtaking yard with minimal upkeep. There are many ways that different types of hardscapes enhance and preserve your yard’s look while reducing the need for constant maintenance, resulting in money and time savings. And since there are no living elements with hardscapes, you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing, trimming, or pruning.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of hardscapes, popular hardscape features, and hardscape ideas you can incorporate into your landscape design for a low-maintenance yard this year.

There are many hardscape features, from natural elements such as boulders, stone, brick, gravel, and other landscaping rocks to man-made elements such as patios, pergolas, decks, pottery, and garden ornaments.

Depending on your needs, you can use different hardscape features to not only beautify your outdoor living space but to take advantage of the many benefits they provide when it comes to maintenance.


Water Conservation and Erosion Prevention

One of the most significant benefits of hardscapes is water conservation which is a priority in Northern California, especially during drought season. Replacing grass or live vegetation patches with walkways, brick, or decorative landscaping rocks significantly reduces the need for watering and irrigation each month.

When planned correctly, hardscaping elements can also minimize potential erosion. When you know the most prone areas to erosion, you can use hardscapes as barriers such as stone or concrete, keeping your ground intact, all while allowing water to permeate down into the ground.

Increase Property Value

Think of hardscaping as an investment in your property for the future by increasing curb appeal. By creating an extension of the home outdoors, you allow buyers to envision themselves and their families enjoying the yard space.

If you are considering selling your home in the future, hardscapes are a great addition. Studies show that up to 84% of buyers look for an outdoor patio when deciding on their next home purchase. So, creating an outdoor hardscape space has a high return on your investment!

Hardscape Ideas for Your Yard

Veneer Panels and Retaining Walls

You can add dimension and depth using retaining walls and veneer panels which are super easy to install using one of our many varieties for a seamless look. You can go with arctic marble for a sleek appearance or add the contrasting colors of autumn slate or butterscotch limestone.

With proper installation, the stone used for veneer panels and retaining walls is durable and long-lasting. Improper installation can lead to moisture, water leaks, mold, and structural damage. It is best to consult with one of our experts when it comes to installing panels and walls.


Boulders are also a unique and timeless natural resource that enhances the beauty of any landscaped area. Use them as a focal point in your garden or as a complementary element. Boulders are also enjoyable as natural seating in an outdoor space. Once boulders are installed, they require virtually no maintenance. We carry a wide variety of natural boulders, from granite to quartzite to basalt and more!

Driveway Cubes, Cobbles, and Pavers

Hardscaping increases functionality by adding different areas to your yard for family activities such as patios, outdoor kitchens, walkways, and driveways. You can install pavers to define each space and guide guests to walk or park their cars in designated areas.

Pavers are also low maintenance and long-lasting, which means you won’t have to worry about repairs or replacement for years, if not decades.

Consider basalt or black granite cubes and cobbles as a perfect choice to create the look of an old-world charmed driveway with materials that are designed to last for centuries to come.



Flagstones are another great choice for blending seamlessly with your outdoor living space due to their natural appeal as a product of the earth. Flagstones will enhance the landscaping of your home, and are advantageous over concrete in many ways – they are highly durable and flexible for installation to adapt to the environment.

Flagstones can be laid flat for a patio or laid vertically for a fireplace. You can add soil to allow moss to grow around the flagstones, grout them or fill them with other natural elements such as sand, gravel, or pebbles. They will certainly save you money compared to less durable, more expensive materials available. Flagstones require very little upkeep, and if a stone is damaged, it’s simple to fix.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your next hardscape project or want to transform your yard into a low-maintenance outdoor living space, our team at Lyngso is here to assist you.

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