Fountainscapes 101

Have you considered adding a water feature to your garden or yard? Water features can have added benefits to gardeners and homeowners, such as increased aesthetic appeal, functional uses for watering, reduced noise pollution), and improved air quality. Water features can also increase the biodiversity for wildlife, and create a center for relaxation, meditation, and family. Installations should have a sense of purpose and flow within the rest of your garden design. From the simplest to more complicated setups, the impact is grand!

Join us for a discussion with Lyngso’s water feature specialist, Janae Branch, as she demonstrates how we can create and connect with water features. Fountainscapes 101 will show you some of the unique and naturally sourced water features we have here at Lyngso and how to include them in your landscape. We will also go over both standard setups and more complex ways to incorporate water into your yard or garden. Janae will provide tips from water features experts, how to upkeep maintenance, and detailed explanations on how to install and use add-ons to maximize your experience both night and day. Depending on the style and nature of your land and water feature idea , it can either be a simple installation or require expert installation.