How to Select a Fountain for Your Garden Landscaping

Get the Right Supplies and Follow These Expert Tips

A well-placed fountain is a beautiful addition to any landscape. It brings tranquility and makes a powerful statement. The birds love it too! As with other elements of your garden design, the size, type and location of the water feature are key to creating your personal oasis. Try our tips for selecting a fountain for your home landscaping.

Pro Tip:

If you are exploring low-maintenance options for your garden fountain, consider integrating an auto-fill valve into your setup. This feature ensures the water level remains consistent, reducing the need for frequent manual refills and protecting your pump from running dry.

How to Choose the Perfect Fountain for Your Garden

Selecting the Optimal Location

The primary consideration is where to put it. Naturally, you want a spot where people will see and enjoy it. Yet, it must also look like it belongs there. In formal gardens, it can become the focal point. In an informal setting, it becomes an accent tucked into a corner or placed on a wall. Avoid a location with a lot of deciduous plants as falling leaves will mean constant clean up. Also consider the safety of children and pets.

Should a Water Fountain Be in the Sun or Shade?

A water fountain can be placed in the sun or shade, but the ideal location depends on the type of fountain and its material. Fountains in sunny spots of your garden will benefit from solar power options, which can eliminate the need for electrical wiring and reduce energy costs. However, water fountains in direct sunlight may experience more evaporation and require frequent water top-ups. Placing a fountain in the shade can minimize this and also reduce algae growth, which thrives under the intense Californian sunlight.

Choosing the Right Power Source for Your Water Fountain

Do you want a solar or an electric fountain? This may determine its location. If solar is your preference, find a spot that receives six or more hours of sunlight daily. Electrically-driven fountains will need to be close to a power source or one will need to be professionally wired.

Opting for a Design that Complements Your Garden

Next, it is time to explore what suits your landscape design. Water features come in several sizes, shapes and styles, from the classic tiered Zen fountains and charming cherubs to wall trellises and rock waterfalls. Wildlife lovers, on the other hand, might prefer to incorporate places for wildlife to bath and relax in the feature. Have a small garden? Small and stately basalt columns are ideal.

Popular Options for Water Fountains

How to Choose the Perfect Fountain for Your Garden

Choosing Durable Materials that Fit Your Style & Budget

Choose your material based on appearance, durability, and weight. Granite withstands freezing temperatures, is sturdy, and easy to clean. Cast iron fountains will also last for decades. Fiberglass is lightweight and can look like weathered iron, glazed ceramic, or even stone. Ceramic fountains are typically smaller and well-suited for decks and patios. Metals like bronze, copper, steel, and aluminum have a majestic appearance but can be quite heavy.

Soothing natural stone basalt columns that mimic ocean waves or a mountain stream are gaining popularity. Their smaller size allows you to place them on your patio, deck, or front yard. No matter where you place it, a fountain creates a beautiful focal point and brings the soothing sound of running water into your garden.

Considering Weight in Fountain Placement

This is an important factor when considering a fountain for your patio or deck. For instance, a heavy cast iron or stone fountain could be too heavy for the wooden structure. In this situation, we recommend a lighter weight fiberglass, ceramic or a set of small basalt columns.

Selecting the Right Pump for Your Fountain’s Needs

Your choice is between submersible (placed in the deepest part of the pond) and surface (above ground) pumps. The latter is noisier and also needs camouflaging. Surface pumps typically work well for larger ponds. Most fountain features require submersible pumps.

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