Introduction to Gardening with California Native Plants

Bay Area has a rich diversity of native plants! Many of these plants can easily be grown in home gardens. Join Master Gardeners Carolyn Dorsch and Cathrin Callas in a discussion on the advantages of growing natives and how to get started. This talk will cover plants for sunny or shady gardens, soil, water and drainage considerations, how and when to plant, maintenance issues, sources for native plants, and other useful resources.

Master Gardener Carolyn Dorsch has been gardening with natives for 25 years, adding more to her garden each year. She co-leads the Master Gardener California Native Plant Habitat Garden at the San Carlos City Center. She is also an avid composter and enjoys growing vegetables, herbs and microgreens year-round.

Cathrin Callas joined the UC Master Gardener program in 2022 after retiring from a career in engineering. A California native, her life-long love of flowering plants includes a particular interest in California native plants. She currently lives and gardens in San Carlos.