The Ultimate High-Quality Garden Tool Buying Guide


High-quality garden tools are essential for both professional and amateur gardeners alike. Tools that are built to last not only save you money down the road but also make gardening more enjoyable. However, buying high-quality garden tools is not always straightforward. For example, it can be challenging to determine which tools you really need, what makes a tool high-quality in the first place, and assess the quality vs price ratio. For these reasons, we created this buyer’s guide on high-quality garden tools, aiming to help you make the best decision for your particular use case and budget.

Pro Tip:

Enhance your gardening experience by investing in high-quality tools designed for durability. Not only will these tools save you money in the long run, but they will also elevate the joy of gardening.

Why Investing In Quality Garden Tools Matters

Investing in high-quality garden tools is a long-term investment in your gardening journey. Quality tools are designed to withstand repeated use, resist wear and tear, and provide the precision needed for delicate tasks. Moreover, quality tools often require less maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.

At Lyngso, we offer a wide selection of high-quality garden tools from DeWit. DeWit Gardening Tools are known for several key qualities that make them special, including their durability and quality of materials, environmental responsibility, and innovative design that ensures comfort after many hours of use. Moreover, many of DeWit’s tools involve hand-crafting, combining old-fashioned quality with innovative, ergonomic designs.

How to Choose the Best Garden Tools for Your Use-Case

Digging and Soil Preparation

When choosing digging and soil preparation tools, the most important considerations are durability (high-quality materials like forged steel), ergonomic design (comfortable grips, appropriate length for your height), and suitability for your soil type (sharp edges for tough soil). It’s also important to consider the specific tasks (e.g., tilling, aerating) you plan to perform and choose tools that match these needs. Here are a few ideas to consider in this category:

DeWit Grelinette Galvanized Broadfork:

This broadfork efficiently breaks up and tills soil, fostering healthy plant growth. Its strong forged tines are adept at handling the region’s varying soil conditions, from clay to sandy loam, offering a more effective alternative to traditional digging forks.

DeWit Trowel – 2 Point Cutting Edge Large:

Ideal for California’s sometimes challenging soil conditions, this trowel’s unique two-pointed design facilitates easy breaking up of hard, compacted soils, common in drought-prone areas. The hardened boron steel construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of regular use in diverse soil types.

Popular Options for Digging and Soil Preparation

Planting and Transplanting

What separates high-quality tools for planting and transplanting from the rest is material durability, ergonomic design, blade sharpness, and shape. Durable materials like tempered boron steel resist corrosion from frequent soil contact, contributing to the tool’s longevity. The ergonomics of the tool are equally important for reducing strain and improving your efficiency in repetitive tasks like planting. Last but not least, a sharp edge is essential for cutting through roots and soil with little effort. The shape of the blade also matters; for example, a narrow and long blade is better for transplanting as it allows for precise digging without damaging the surrounding plants. Here are two great examples:

DeWit Trowel – Transplanter:

This transplanter trowel, with its long, narrow blade, is perfect for California’s varied gardening projects, from planting native plants to transplanting vegetables. Its durable construction ensures it can handle the region’s soil types, from sandy to clay-heavy.

DeWit Planter – Perennial:

The heart-shaped spade of this planter is ideal for planting perennials. The ergonomic T-handle design makes it easier to work in the typically dry, hard soils found in many parts of the state.

Popular Options for Planting and Transplanting

Pruning and Trimming Tasks

Quality pruning and trimming tools have sharp, durable blades that can hold an edge while offering good comfort and ergonomics. A sharp blade ensures clean, precise cuts, which is vital for plant health and easy pruning. At the same time, the ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and strain after long pruning sessions, which is crucial for maintaining your precision. Two high-quality garden tools we recommend for this use are:

DeWit Knife – Serrated Farmers Dagger:

This garden knife is invaluable for a multitude of tasks. Constructed of hand-forged tempered boron steel with an ash hardwood handle, its serrated blade is perfect for pruning a variety of plants, from native shrubs to fruit trees.

DeWit Trowel – Sieve:

This trowel is a versatile tool for Californian gardeners, facilitating both soil preparation and root pruning. The sieve feature is particularly useful for sifting out rocks in the diverse soil types found throughout the state.

Popular Options for Pruning and Trimming

Tools for Kids

For high-quality garden tools designed for kids, the priority should always be safety, appropriate size, and durability. Tools should have rounded edges and be made of sturdy, non-toxic materials. Their size is also important, as tools should be lightweight and appropriately sized for smaller hands, ensuring ease of use and comfort. If you are looking for high-quality garden tools for kids, here are two recommendations:

Kids 3 Tine Cultivator:

This cultivator is part of the Eurogarden Kids tool line, renowned for combining durability with practical, child-friendly design. It’s a lightweight tool, perfect for young gardeners. The heavy steel head ensures durability for real garden work, while the safe, lead-free paint adds an extra layer of safety and appeal for kids​​​​.

Kids Spade:

The Kids Spade, also from the Eurogarden Kids tool line, offers exceptional quality and durability. It features a long handle and thick grip that accommodates smaller hands comfortably. Its heavy steel head is built to last, standing up to the rigors of digging and moving soil, all while ensuring safety with lead-free paint.

Popular Options for Kids

Final Thoughts

High-quality garden tools do more than just simplify your work; they can enhance your entire gardening experience. By choosing high-quality garden tools like those from DeWit and Eurogarden, as highlighted in this guide, you’ll gain benefits in both efficiency and comfort. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional gardener, Lyngso has everything you need to assemble a premium collection of gardening tools. Explore our extensive online catalog or visit our large showroom and landscaping yard in San Carlos for inspiration and expert guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn about delivery options available for your home in the SF Bay area.